Sunday, 20 March 2011

First few days...

So it's Day 2 of the project and I've had a hectic couple of days in Mortlach Primary School. Ken Cockburn (the poet) and I launched the project by giving presentations to the Infant School and then the Upper School, and then we worked with different classes over the two days. I managed to squeeze in a visit to the Tourist Office where we will be sighting one of the works, with the P5's; and then a visit to the Hospital/Doctor's surgery with the P1's who are a very lively bunch to say the least. There are 19 boys and only 4 girls which seems to create chaos no matter what they are doing. All in all its a nice school with friendly, helpful staff and its all going well.
This evening I went with Mary Bourne to Deveron Art's Empty Shop ( where a talk was given by Georg Deutsch, at lecturer from Oxford University on West African History in conjunction with the artist residency by photographer Baudouin Mouanda from Congo- Brazzaville. Apparently Baudouin had to leave a few days ago prematurely, due to problems renewing his visa. Glasgow based Artist Anthony Shrag will be in residence there next month.
We drove back to Dufftown through snow covered hills and fields, illuminated by a huge silver moon, and with Orion shining brightly. Its very, very quiet in Dufftown at night-time, remarkably quiet.

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