Monday, 21 December 2009

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Retail AGoGo, Work in Progress for Getting Up, Inverness

I have finally been getting my ideas together for the shop unit, here's a couple of images, an Andy Warhol Dollar sign turned fragile, and some sale streamers re-appropriated from the RETIF catalogue, a marvelous shop supplies store in Admiral Street, Glasgow via a quote from Tom Wait's Twitter. A big thank you to Lynne O'Neil for shining her light, ( you know what I mean) !
I am going to do some more site specific works in the car park and if I get it together, a projection for the opening event. I'm on a roll and it feels GOOOOOOD!!!

The Getting Up Launch Party is this coming Saturday 19th featuring live music from Withered Hand, 28 Jacks and the Mississippi Hoodoo Man.
Free Soup and crusty bread, live art and projections. From 6.30 pm - 8th floor Rose Street Carpark, Inverness.
Double up on socks!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Getting Up, Windows In the City, Inverness 18th December 2009

This is for Inverness Old Town Art Project.
Here's my shop front. Its getting a make over !! At the moment it looks very "Street of Crocodiles", I'm meaning to transform it somehow..

The website will be up and running soon with more info of locations, artists involved etc.

Images for

"DISCOINFERNO" digital collage from found images.

"Shout Collage", digital collage.

Part of the web project for Sh[out] at GOMA, Glasgow.

Friday, 28 August 2009


"Heavy Influence" , curated by Alex Hetherington, at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 15 -30th August 2009
featuring works by:
Jim Colquhoun, Ben Schaffer, Ben Fallon, Lyndsay Mann, Lewis Holleran,
Janie Nicoll, Simon Gowing, Karla Milosovich, Richard T Walker, and
Victoria Skogsberg, and references material from the 1980 motion picture
Cannibal Holocaust, directed by Ruggero Deodato, and contributions from
anonymous, Ulrike Müller and Pete Nelson.

"Erase" a video projection by Janie Nicoll

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

HALLelujah! Documentation Video Works

Stills from Video Works by Jean McEwan “reprise” and Rebecca Wilcox “Staging”.

HALLelujah! Documentation Video Works

Stills from video works by Richard Higlett "A Song For Jack";
Catherine Weir “Re.Real Life Suicide Suicidio Selbe Morde Do Not Watch”; Hondartza Fraga “Visions III”.

Friday, 24 April 2009

HALLelujah! Documentation

Artworks by Olivia Irvine “Farewell Suite”- 'Looking North', 'Looking South', 'Looking East' and 'Looking West', Oil paint and egg tempera on canvas; Ellen Burroughs “Petty Criminals” showing 4 of 12 Framed drawings ; Hondartza Fraga “As It Falls”, “Sperm Whale”, “Adrift” Framed drawings on paper.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

HALLelujah! Documentation

Saturday's Performance Event

Mikaela Skogsberg performs songs including "Email Scam Popsong" : Alex Hetherington performs "Jonathon Monk Made Me Hardcore".

HALLelujah! Documentation

In the kitchen a projection by 'Milk, Two Sugars'
Janie Nicoll "Disfunctional Stars: Girl with Lotus Shoes"; Elizabeth Rowe “Raise Your Eyes” and “Home Town Jump Plan” .

HALLelujah! Documentation

GOD DOG by Laurence Payot

Anna Francis Participatory artworks "create a sculpture from the HALLelujah Gallery cutlery drawer" by Raymond.

HALLelujah! Documentation

Andrew Reynolds drawing "Growth".
Alex Hetherington installation, "Sarah Winchester Made Me Hardcore" with LCD Screen, Free Posterwork and Neanderthal drawing by J. Nicoll; Alice Bradshaw "Refuse"; Bootsie with new "girlfriends' Rebecca and Roisin, (Anna Francis assignment Documentation).

HALLelujah! Documentation

Anna Francis assignments documentation, Raymond and random guy 'being Boyfriends'; drawings by Stevie Hurrell of Ellen Burrough's Petty Criminal exhibits; playing cards sculpture; fixed item using repair kit by Rachel Mimiec;
Self Portrait using bits and bobs, by Paul aged 10.

HALLelujah! Documentation

Anna Francis assignments went down a storm at the opening along with the Fridge Gallery exhibits.

Here we have assignments to: 'make a sixties intervention out of string' by Margarete Skinner, 'make a flock of birds out of today's newspaper' by Fran Schoppler. The Fridge with poster and 2 participatory artworks, by Nolan Love and Paul. The Headless Rabbit Sculpture and mini viewers in the Fridge Gallery.