Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Retail AGoGo, Work in Progress for Getting Up, Inverness

I have finally been getting my ideas together for the shop unit, here's a couple of images, an Andy Warhol Dollar sign turned fragile, and some sale streamers re-appropriated from the RETIF catalogue, a marvelous shop supplies store in Admiral Street, Glasgow via a quote from Tom Wait's Twitter. A big thank you to Lynne O'Neil for shining her light, ( you know what I mean) !
I am going to do some more site specific works in the car park and if I get it together, a projection for the opening event. I'm on a roll and it feels GOOOOOOD!!!

The Getting Up Launch Party is this coming Saturday 19th featuring live music from Withered Hand, 28 Jacks and the Mississippi Hoodoo Man.
Free Soup and crusty bread, live art and projections. From 6.30 pm - 8th floor Rose Street Carpark, Inverness.
Double up on socks!

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