Saturday, 11 April 2009

Work arriving

Yesterday was a bit like Christmas as I received five packages containing artworks from various locations; Hondartza Fraga's drawings from Sheffield, Alice Bradshaw's sculpture form Halifax, Andrew Reynolds drawing from Birmingham, Ellen Burroughs small etched drawings from Leeds, and Olivia Irving's paintings from Edinburgh. Bootsie (my cat) did his best to sleep through the whole proceedings.... I've already received the panels for 'Milk Two Sugars', projection and all the video works. Other works are more site specific, so still to come are Alex Hetherington's LCD screen, Anna Francis 's assignment packs and fridge sculpture, Elizabeth Rowes collage works, Laurence Payot's interaction with Sparky, and my own piece which is still at the planning stages.. I think I will be making an artwork that reacts to the exhibition as a whole, last minute as ever......

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